Client Results

SkinBase SEO Content Strategy

SkinBase SEO Content Strategy

The Story

SkinBase is the leading microdermabrasion treatment with over 2,220 accredited salons and spas in the UK and Ireland.

Our analysis revealed a number of pages on the website that were driving conversions but were not ranking in top positions on the search engines. Other pages were not driving any traffic or conversions so needed improvements to help SkinBase attract more potential customers to the site.

What We Did

Using our SEO tool, we analysed the pages that were not currently ranking in top positions but were driving some traffic and conversions. We knew that, by boosting these pages into top positions, we could help the client to increase the numbers of visits and conversions on their site.

We created a plan to update the content of these pages over two months to improve the user experience, include relevant keywords and ensure that the pages would be visible for the correct keywords.

The Results

Increase in organic traffic to site in 6 months
Increase in number of keywords ranking in positions 1-10

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