5 top digital marketing myths busted

If you're wondering whether you should invest in digital marketing for your business, take a look at our myth busting blog! It might help you decide whether digital marketing is right for your business.

Businesses big and small have begun to use digital marketing more often in recent years. In fact, according to research, 72% of marketing spend is now allocated to digital marketing. 

The rise of digital marketing has opened up opportunities for small businesses that simply were not available before. 

However, you can have a website with great services pages, and even multiple social media platforms that you use from time to time, but without a well thought out strategy you won’t reach as many people as you were hoping for. 

Many businesses think that digital marketing won’t work for them and there are a few digital marketing myths that circulate around. Luckily, we’re here to bust those myths open! 

Myth # 1: Digital marketing is only for bigger businesses

One of the most common myths we see or hear is that small companies think that only the bigger business can afford and benefit from digital marketing. 

While it is true that bigger companies are usually the ones who can afford to spend big bucks on large advertising campaigns and to optimise every social media platform they're on, including their website, smaller companies can benefit greatly from digital marketing too. 

This doesn’t mean they have to spend a lot of money. Starting off with a great website which is optimised for mobile (making sure it loads quick enough, the pages fit the size of the screen etc.) and creating a social media account is a step in the right direction. 

Social media platforms are free, and website hosting is relatively cheap. You can start with the basics without having to break the bank. Simply having an online presence for your business is much better than having none at all. Businesses of any size can benefit from digital marketing and a strategy, whether that be big or small. 

Plus, it will set you far ahead of your competitors who still believe digital marketing won’t work for them! 

Myth # 2: Content marketing is not necessary

Many businesses who have not used, nor truly understand what content marketing is, believe they do not need it. The mindset is, if I have not needed it before, I do not need it now. 

However, even if your business seems to be doing just fine with your current marketing, or in some cases lack of, having a strong social media presence, along with posting content to your website, can really set your brand apart from your competitors. 

Content is not just the images and videos you may post on Instagram, or the product or services you share on Facebook, it is every bit of information you share online - whether that be on your website, or in the bio of your social media accounts. 

To grow your business and reach new potential customers you need to have a strong and consistent flow of new content that is relevant to you and your industry. For example, try creating a blog section on your website. You can name this page “tips and tricks” if you hate the word “blog”. 

Every month update this with relevant information your customers may want to know. Things such as information on how to use your products, or a Q&A with the founder. Anything that is relevant to your business will deeply impact the reach your business gains. 

Content is essential for your SEO strategy and making sure that your brand appears in the SERPs (search engine results pages). This means new customers can find you through other searches rather than the direct link to your website. If your content is good and engaging, this can then convert into a lead and possible sale. 

Having a content strategy in place will help you to meet buyers at all stages of the customer journey, helping you to provide them with the information they need to make a purchase. AND you’re keeping them engaged with your brand until they’re ready to buy from you. 

Myth # 3: The more content the better

On the flip side of the above, “content marketing is not necessary”, there is the myth that the more content your business produces, the better the reach of your business. 

Although this can be true in some cases, it is easy to cross the line over to too much and irrelevant content. Coming up with meaningful content can be hard, and that is usually a good sign! It means you want your content to be of high quality and relevant to your business. 

If you are churning out new blog posts and new social media posts daily, the chances are that the content is not going to be as engaging and relevant as it can be. There is also the possibility that your audience will get bored of seeing your posts and your engagement will drop off. This is the complete opposite of what you are trying to achieve with content marketing. Keep your audience excited to see your next post. 

Create an easy posting schedule that suits you, your business, and the type of content you want to talk about and stick to it. If you feel you don’t have good enough content for your upcoming posting date, skip it. Post later with better, high quality content. 

Myth # 4: Digital marketing results cannot be tracked

A common myth about digital marketing is that the results cannot be tracked as there’s nothing physical to view. However, almost everything can be tracked, from how many visitors your website has had, to which pages they clicked on, and the bounce rate. 

You can even track your campaigns and see which aspects are working and driving profits, and which are failing. A website that is well optimised for SEO (search engine optimisation), will gain more organic traffic than websites with poor SEO. 

Using free tools such as Google Analytics will help you to understand the reach your website has, as well as things such as what paths the customers have taken to reach your website and convert into a sale. Being able to track all this is a great way to improve your reach and build upon your brand.

Myth # 5: More traffic means more money

Although we all aspire to gain more traffic to our website, this doesn't necessarily result in you making more money. It’s all about gaining the right type of traffic to your website. For example if you run a campaign or begin to post more blogs, you need to make sure everything is relevant to your business and services. 

Otherwise you can end up with a high amount of traffic but also a high amount of bounce rate as people are realising your website is not the place they want to be. This can be detrimental to your business - especially if you have put money into ads and campaigns that are bringing the wrong amount of traffic to your website. 

How we can help

Digital marketing can be a bit of a task to get your head around, especially if you believe some of the myths surrounding it. Luckily that is where we come in! 

Here at Logica Digital we understand everything from PPC to SEO and content marketing. We can improve your social media presence, your digital marketing strategy and much more, whether your business be big or small. We will adapt to your businesses needs and build the marketing strategy around you, keeping you up to date with the results as we track them and giving you the best return on investment. 

If you’d like to claim a free digital marketing audit for your business, please drop us an email on hello@logica-digital.co.uk


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