Speak to our Directors…Mark Skinner & Amy Ward tell all about Logica Digital 

Want to know more about how we work at Logica? Take a look at our interview with unLTD business.

We sat down with Phil Turner at unLTD Business to chat all about how we set Logica up and how we work with our clients 

You can read the full article here to find out more, but we’ve provided a quick preview here too. 

If you’ve already met us or worked with us in the past, you’ll probably know more about the Logica story.

The business was set up in March 2020 by Mark Skinner, just a few weeks before lockdown. Amy Ward joined the business in August 2021 as SEO & Content Executive and then became a shareholder and Director in July 2022. 

“We originally worked together in about 2017 at a previous agency that did more traditional marketing. I set up a digital wing for them, almost as a subset of their existing business…Lockdown was a bit nerve-wracking, but we got through that. If anything, some of our clients did really well through lockdown, particularly the DIY-type clients who saw revenues go through the roof,” explains Mark. 

Mark specialises in Paid Search and Paid Social with experience at brands such as Argos, Summit, EBuyer, Wren Kitchens and Victoria Plumb. Logica was initially set up as an agency specialising in paid activity only. However, Mark soon realised he needed to provide clients with a broader, more comprehensive service, so he decided to add SEO and Content Marketing. 

“Some clients come to us wanting SEO, and you ask them if you’re doing paid search, and they’ll say, we’ve done it in the past with an agency, but it didn’t work, and that’s usually because an agency hasn’t put in what’s needed. For example, we saw a business paying an agency £300 a month to manage their paid search, but when you looked at the account, they’d only done three things over the last few months. You then have to build trust with them on the SEO to make them confident in paying for paid search again,” added Amy. 

At Logica, we work hard to be different from other, larger agencies and ensure we work flexibly. Our small team means we can be agile when it comes to our client’s needs and changes required to strategies. We can react quickly and provide a proactive approach in which we all work as a team to see where client accounts need improvements. 

Find out more and learn more about our business and team in the latest edition of unLTD and online. 

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