The Logica Digital Story: How we set out to build the best Sheffield Digital Marketing Agency 

Logica Digital turned three years old in March. Read this blog to find out more about our story and our team, how we got to where we are and what our plans for thee future are.

This month, Logica Digital turns three years old! And we can’t quite believe how far we’ve come in those three years. 

Working with UniHomes, Kudos ID, SkinBase, Eurofit and more, we have driven so many visits, created hundreds of blogs and thousands in revenue. 

What have we achieved in three years? 

We have grown from a small client base and just a team of two people just over a year ago to a team of seven! Our client base is growing year on year, and we have doubled our turnover within the last year. 

How did Logica Digital start and why? 

Mark Skinner had a previous partnership in another digital marketing agency and had had full-time roles in Paid Search (PPC or pay-per-click) with the likes of Summit, Wren Kitchens, Ebuyer and Victoria Plumb, so he was fully equipped with knowledge from both client and agency side to understand what both need. However, he decided to take the leap and finally start working for himself, so set up Logica Digital in February 2020. 

Unluckily, it was just before the lockdown, but Mark managed to keep a solid base of clients and helped them through lockdown. For clients such as Eurofit, we actually helped them to achieve a record year in 2020! 

“Having close working relationships with our clients was key to getting through lockdown. It also allowed us to react to the different challenges faced in 2020. We have continued this approach to working closely with clients, helping us to grow their and our businesses.” 

What happened after lockdown? 

In August 2021, once everything started to open up again, Mark decided it was time to expand the business from paid digital marketing services to SEO (search engine optimisation) and content marketing. 

That’s where Amy Ward comes in. Amy and Mark worked together within another agency so they knew they could form a brilliant partnership to help clients drive results. Amy has always worked within agencies and has refined her content writing skills and SEO knowledge over the last 10 years, working within Sheffield-based agencies such as Jaywing. 

Amy came on board as SEO and Content Marketing Manager in August 2021 to help expand the services available at Logica and to help build the business.  

She then became a shareholder and Director of the business in July 2022. 

“We want Logica to be an agency our clients can trust will drive results for them and act as an extension of their current team. Logica will be somewhere they can turn to for advice and guidance, and we let them know exactly what we’ve been doing and why.

“In terms of the team, I’m really proud of how we’ve grown and how every team member brings something different to the table. We want Logica to be somewhere everyone enjoys coming to work and feel that they’re supported in what they’re doing.” 

Then what happened? 

In January 2022, Dylan Bonsall came on board as our Digital Marketing Executive after completing a digital marketing apprenticeship to offer support in both Paid Search, Paid Social, SEO and content and to provide our clients with even more resources to help them continue driving the best results. Dylan took care of a range of marketing activities for his previous company, including social media marketing, graphic design and web design. 

Dylan also has experience in design and web development, so he adds another string to the Logica bow, helping us to provide an even better and more rounded service. 

“Since joining Logica at the start of 2022, I’ve been involved in a range of projects, from paid social one day to web development the next. Working in different areas and with different people each day keeps me on my toes and keeps the job fun, while giving me the chance to learn from experts in the industry.

Alongside my day-to-day role, I dabble in beating everyone at every work-do activity. It’s not always easy to remind everyone all the time, but somehow I manage.”

We experienced great growth over the first six months of 2022, leading us to our next hire in July, Lucy Forrest. Lucy joined us from Sheffield-based company Student Roost as Content Executive and is experienced with both content writing and SEO strategy so she helped Amy to improve the SEO and content side of the business. 

Lucy also has her own business (which she runs with her fiance, Connor - more about him below!) S2 Pictures, a videography and photography business so she also brings these skills to Logica with her too. 

She was then promoted to Digital Account Manager in December 2022 and is now working closely with both the team and our clients to enhance the service we offer and ensure that we’re continually improving results and strategy for our clients. 

“From day one Mark, Amy and Dylan made me feel welcome and part of the team. I’ve loved learning new things from them and about the digital marketing world while being able to put my skills to good use! It’s cliche, but I love writing, and being a Content Executive let me do just that. Now as a Digital Account Manager, I get to work more closely with our clients and learn brand new things about their products and services. Every day something new can pop up and catch my interest and I love that about my role. Plus watching the team expand and become an even bigger Logica family has been amazing. I don’t think there’s been a day in the office where we aren’t all laughing… or making jokes about one another (in a friendly way, I swear!).”

At the end of 2022, we also employed Jill Renardson (Amy’s Mum) as Office Manager. She works hard behind the scenes by looking after the team and our office and keeping our accounts in check too. Jill comes from a 20 year background in retail at Tesco, so she knows all about customer service!! 

As a result of the expansion in 2022, we doubled our revenue and profit compared to 2021. 

“Working at Logica has helped me to put my existing skills to use and learn new ones too! The role of Office Manager keeps me busy, and being in the office with the team brings new challenges every day. I retired at the end of last year from over 20 years in retail and this is a welcome break and a complete change to what I’m used to!”

And then came 2023 

After a busy couple of months at Logica and bringing even more clients on board, we decided that we needed to expand again. 

Connor Young joined the team as our second Digital Marketing Executive, supporting the whole team across the full digital marketing mix. He previously worked at Student Roost and runs S2 Pictures with his fiancee, Lucy, so he brings yet another set of skills to the business. Connor is a real all-rounder and gives his all to pretty much everything he tries his hand to so has been the perfect addition to the team. And he doesn’t mind being managed by his future wife at work and at home!! 

“From hosting and editing a webinar for potential clients to content planning and learning the ins and outs of paid search tactics, my work at Logica has been a juicy mix since day one. Joining the team has been a brilliant experience to start off 2023, both professionally and personally. Mark, Amy and the team have welcomed me with open arms and really allowed me to fit in. I feel like we’re a little Logica family already. The role of Digital Marketing Executive keeps me busy and I love having a healthy range of tasks to work on and get my teeth into. I’ve been able to share some of my skills and learn from others all while satisfying our ever-growing client base. I look forward to what the future holds for me at Logica Digital, hopefully, it involves me becoming the pool champion of the office!”

Alongside Connor, we also added Kezia Humphries to the team. Kezia has been working as a Teaching Assistant for the last few years but used her free time during the lockdown to learn digital marketing to get into the industry. 

Kezia is our Content Executive, and there’s tough competition between her and Lucy as to who is the Content Queen!! Give her any topic, or any piece of content, and she can produce a high-quality and SEO-optimised piece of content every time. 

“The team have instantly made me feel welcome, and I have already learned so much about SEO and content marketing. As someone who’s always loved writing, finding a job where I get to write all day has been a dream come true! Logica has such a wide range of clients that it never feels boring and I’m constantly learning new aspects of SEO.”

What’s next? 

We’ve got ambitious plans for 2023. We want to help all of our existing clients expand their businesses. This is something that’s important to all of us! We work hard to drive results for our clients, and we know that they’re under pressure to reach their goals - this is why we’ve added every single person to our team - because we know that they will work together to help our clients reach their goals. 

Plus, we want to grow our own business. We want to double our revenue and profit by the end of the year. And this might mean two new team members too.

We’re marking our three year anniversary by moving office. We’re moving to our very own space in Harland Works on John Street in Sheffield and excited about our business’s future. 

This has seen us grow from a co-working space near Sheffield train station, to a 3-person office in shared office space Cubo, to a 5-person office and finally, to our very own space! 

We’re looking ahead to the next six months, continuing to grow our client base and developing our current team so we can keep delivering results for our clients and growing into the best digital marketing agency in Sheffield. 

If you’d like to learn more about working with us, please contact Or, you can request a free digital marketing audit for your business in which we’ll have a look at your current activities and let you know how we can make improvements to help you reach your business goals. 

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Mark Skinner