‍Top 7 benefits of outsourcing your digital marketing 

Outsourcing digital marketing instead of recruiting an in-house team can be hugely beneficial for your business. Read our blog to find out more about the benefits and to help you make the right decision.

The key goal for any small business is to make a profit and maximise sales - this is something we’re all aiming for! 

When it comes to business growth, digital marketing has become a must-have, rather than a nice-to-have. However, being successful with your digital marketing strategy isn’t always easy and it requires consistency and expertise to deliver the right results. 

As a business owner, or when you’ve been asked to look after digital marketing by your Directors, your time is limited and required for managing your role and marketing can take up a huge chunk of this time. Trying to juggle your role with your digital marketing strategy can mean you lose focus and your strategy isn’t going to drive the results you want.  

According to research, 42% of UK businesses outsource their digital marketing. 


Because it’s often more cost effective and efficient for an experienced digital marketing agency to look after your strategy than it is to have one person or a team in-house. 

Hiring an experienced digital marketing agency can help you to get more from your activities and help you to reach your business goals. 

In this blog, we’ll explain the key benefits of taking advantage of digital marketing services for your business. 

What will you gain by outsourcing digital marketing? 

Here’s our rundown of the benefits of outsourcing digital marketing for your business. 

1. Take advantage of a new set of skills and a new view of your business 

When you and your team are busy with day to day running of your business, it can be easy to get your head stuck in the business and continuously follow the same strategies or tactics, preventing you from thinking outside the box and of new strategies to push your business forwards. 

On the other hand, outsourcing digital marketing provides you with full access to a team of digital marketers who have decades of experience in their specialism and can provide you with a new perspective on your business and new ideas to help improve your strategy. In addition, when something not working or driving the results you want, an agency will be able to pick up on this more quickly and implement changes to make sure your campaigns are delivering the best ROI for your business. 

To make sure your business stays competitive and to ensure you continue engaging with your customers, you need to stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices. But, with so many marketing platforms and strategies available, it can be difficult to keep up and know what’s best for your business. 

A fresh set of eyes on your business can spark new ideas and could make you rethink the way you approach your digital marketing strategy. 

2. Get access to decades of combined expertise 

When you outsource digital marketing, you instantly have access to a wider variety of skill sets and knowledge without having to employ or manage someone in-house on an ongoing basis. This means you benefit from the years of combined experience a full digital marketing agency can provide. 

While a single marketing employee in-house, you might benefit from a couple of years of experience. However, a full team of digital marketers can put their heads together and bring expertise from a number of different areas together and call upon decades of experience to help you drive results for your business. Many of them will have worked across a number of different agencies and industries too where they will have been part of wider teams with even more experience and knowledge to draw on. 

3. Faster changes and response times

A digital marketing agency has an overview of new trends, new technology and industry changes which means they can alter your campaigns quickly and efficiently to make sure your results are not affected in light of any changes such as algorithm updates from Google. 

With a diverse client base and being involved in digital marketing on a day today basis, a digital marketing agency is able to create an action plan and implement changes much more easily, which results in better results for your business. 

4. Regular communication and support 

A good digital marketing agency will provide you with regular communication channels such as video calls and email so if you need to get in touch with one of their team to learn more about what they’re working on or for advice, you can do so easily. 

They should also provide you with a call at least once a month in which they will show you what they’ve been working on, what’s working and what isn’t and how they’re going to make further improvements to your campaigns over the next month. 

You need to be aware of their process and have regular contact with them so you can talk to them about any changes to the business that could affect the strategy. 

5. Save on costs 

While working with an agency can seem as though it’s going to cost a fortune, outsourcing digital marketing can actually result in cost savings because you’re only paying for the services you need, and only when you really need them. 

Instead of having an employee or a full time digital marketing team in-house who still need paying, even when they’re not necessarily required, you have experts available when you need them but you can pull back on costs if needed. It can also be tricky to find someone who specialises in a number of areas of digital marketing such as SEO, PPC, social media and email marketing when employing someone in-house. 

Outsourcing digital marketing strategy can help you save money on resources such as facilities, office space, computer equipment, software and training. 

On the other hand, a digital marketing agency will employ experts in each of these areas so they can implement a well-rounded and effective strategy for your business. One of the biggest benefits of using a digital marketing agency is you can access a wide range of skills for a monthly fee and it frees up your internal resource and costs which can be invested back into your marketing. 

6. Achieve better results for your business 

A digital marketing agency has the skills and experience needed to know which activities are most likely to drive the best results for your business and how to refine your marketing efforts to get the best return. 

Successful digital marketing means meeting the right people, in the right places, at the right time. Getting this right can give your sales a massive boost and outsourcing to a digital marketing agency means handing the controls over to someone who knows exactly how to connect with your potential customers and convince them to buy from you. 

A good digital marketing agency should work closely with you and your business to create specific buyer personas, create engaging content and utilise the right platforms. They should also have your company values and goals in mind to make sure you’re driving qualified leads to your website. 

7. Gain time back to focus on your business 

If you’re spending time focusing on your digital marketing strategies and measuring the results, you’re going to struggle to grow your business or focus on your usual role. This means you might lose sight of offering your customers the best products or services. 

Allowing a digital marketing agency to support you and take care of your marketing activities, as well as measuring and monitoring what is and isn’t working, gives you time back to focus on converting leads into sales.

Key takeaways

Working with an experienced digital marketing agency allows you to make sure your brand is found online by the right customers and to compete with the bigger brands in your industry. 

A good digital marketing agency should have the price processes in place to ensure your campaigns drive the best results for your business and keep you updated on their progress on a regular basis. 

In short, a digital marketing agency can take the pressure off you and your team and drive leads for your business that you can then worry about converting into sales.  

If you’d like to find out more about working alongside a digital marketing agency, please get in touch and we can chat to you about your needs. 

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